Tourist Sites in Luba, Abra

What to see and visit around the Municipality of Luba

Luba, Abra

The municipality of Luba boasts several natural wonders that may captivate both tourists and adventurers. Arriving in Luba is an adventure in itself, involving crossing the river via motorized rafts or a temporary land bridge during the dry season. Alternatively, one can take the longer yet more scenic route through the hills of Pilar.

With the bridge on the Tumbal crossing already taking shape, Luba is sure to be a must-visit destination. Here’s a list of places for you to consider visiting.

Tourist Sites in Luba, Abra

Tourist Sites in Luba Town

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Luba

Luba became a parish in 1956, the same year the original wooden structure of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church was finished. The modern concrete church you see there today, which took three years to build, was inaugurated on June 26, 2004. Next door to the church is the old convent, which is now part of the Catholic School. Half of what used to be a two-story wooden building is now concrete.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church

Sabnangan Suspension Footbridge

Formerly known as the Senator Juan Flavier Footbridge, this 560-meter suspension footbridge links Barangay Poblacion with Barangay Sabnangan. The Sabnangan Hanging Bridge spans the Abra River and is considered one of the longest footbridges not just in the Philippines but also in Southeast Asia.

Casa Real, Bucay, Abra, Philippines

Tourist Sites in Luba Municipality


Boni Falls, Poblacion Luba

These multi-level seasonal falls are just a short five-minute hike from the road, boasting numerous pools for bathing and over 15 levels. Challenge yourself to reach the top!

They are only open during the rainy season.

Boni Falls, Luba, Abra


Banaao Lake, Sitio Lipting Brgy. Ampalioc

Banaao Lake lies south of Mt. Poswey. If you hike up from Barangay Sabnangan, its peak will be visible, along with the mountain ranges of Luba and Tubo. Alternatively, you can drive via Abra-Cervantes road through Brgy. Ampalioc.

The lake covers an approximate area of 20,000 square meters. A boat is available if you wish to explore the lake.

Borokibok Resort, Bucay, Abra Philippines



Kaungugan Cave, Sitio Botot, Barangay Barit

A thirty-minute hike from the jump-off point, through rice fields and creeks, leads to Kaungugan Cave. This cave showcases stalactites, stalagmites, a column, soda straws, and various flowstone formations. Additionally, there is a pool that flows out toward a Kaparkan-like formation.

Inside Caungugan Cave

Other Interesting Spots

Karst Rock Formation, Brgy. Tuquipa

Along the road to Brgy, Barit, awaits a short yet challenging ascent to the peak of a Karst Rock Formation. Concealed within this jagged limestone rock formation lies a cave system. Prepare to navigate sharp rocks along a rugged, uneven path as you climb.

This is one of the many Karst Rock Formation in the municipality.

Karst Rock Formation, Tuquipa, Luba, Abra, Philippines

Yabyaban Viewpoint, Sitio Botot, Brgy. Barit

As Abra is a landlocked province, we adore places where we can watch the sun disappear beyond the horizon, often from atop the hills overlooking the sea. This spot is an excellent place to relax after a day of exploration while awaiting the sunset.

Sunset at Yabyaban Viewpoint

Where to Eat in Luba


Ren Ren Store, situated in Poblacion along the road immediately after Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, offers a variety of basic Filipino carinderia dishes. Typically, the jeepney heading to Tubo makes a rest stop at this store.

Ren Ren Store Front Luba Abra

How to Travel to Luba


How to Travel to Luba

There are jeepneys plying the route to Luba from Bangued.

By Jeepney

You have two jeepney options: the Luba-Bangued VV route and the Tubo-Bangued VV route. The terminal, located in Barikir, Zone 5, Bangued, serves both routes, with jeepneys departing for Luba and Tubo at 12 nn.

By Car or Motorbike

Route via Bucay-Manabo Road: Leave Bangued on the road to Bucay. Drive through Bucay to Manabo and cross the Manabo Bridge. Keep going until you reach the river, where a bridge is currently under construction; a ferry will transport you to the other side. Once across, continue along the road until you reach a junction. Take the left-hand road leading to Luba.

Route via Abra-Cervantes Road: Depart from Bangued and head north on the Abra-Cervantes Road. This road will take you through several barangays and towns. Follow this route until you reach Luba.

Contact Details for Luba Tourism

For more information on these sites, hiring guides, accommodation and any other questions about Luba please contact the Tourism Officer, Medalyn Cabuburac.

Mobile –  093 536 85272
Email –
Facebook – LGU Luba 
Luba Tourism

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