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We want to Map Abra’s rich culture and heritage. Write and article on important local cultural properties of Abra.

Documenting Abra is committed to creating great content about many different destinations around Abra with your help.

Join our team of volunteer contributors who write travel articles, blog posts, photo essays and listicles for

We aim to cover every municipality and let the world know what a fantastic Province of the Philippines Abra is.

Together We can help to spread the message and have a positive impact on Abra as a tourist destination. We love eco-travel, sustainable travel, and social travel to help empower local communities and protect their culture and heritage. 

When we write about a destination, share it on our social media and create videos about it, our readers and followers go there.

So if you have travelled to Abra and have a good story to tell, live here in Abra and want to share something about your hometown, or an OFW working abroad and want to share your  memories with us then we want to hear from you.


How to Join Our Team is committed to creating great content about many different destinations around Abra with your help.

***Write an article of around 600+ words, attach some original relevant images and email to us.
***Photo essays should be a minimum of ten photos with a detailed description to each image.

Some ideas for you – We will accept articles on tourism and adventure, history, culture and heritage of Abra, Folklore stories from Abra, Abra Now and Then, and Fiestas and Festivals.

If you have any other topic ideas then get in touch.


You will receive full credits for each article submitted.
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