History of the Barrio of Kiaos, Lagayan, Abra

Brief History of Kiaos (Kiwas), Pulot, Lagayan

How Kiaos ( Kiwas ) got its Name

In 1896, during the last years of the Spanish Regime, a group of Non-Christian families settled in a small valley in Northwest Abra.

It was the first settlement in this part of Abra therefore deriving the word “Ki” as Kioas is the key to the Province from the North.

Years passed and Kiaos was settled by Christians from all over the province, with some even coming from Ilocos Sur. It was because of this that the Barrio got the last part of its name “aos” from an Ilocano word “Agdakiaos”  meaning “to go around”

The original Non-Christian families decided to move out, going further north, they founded the Sitios of Baybayatin and Atip, leaving only Christians living in Kiaos.

The sitios of Kiaos are Turod, Tamdog, and Sadeg.

Notable local history

  •  Mt Pugao, hiding place of the Katipuneros in 1896
    and Hiding place of the Guerilleros from 1943 to 1945
  • The Japanese soldiers killed the Mayor of Lagayan, Labanen Legarda, there on January 14th 1943


Kiwas-Pulot Junction Sign
Kiwas Chapel
View of Mt. Pugao in Kiwas

 Original Families of Kiaos ( Kiwas)

Husband / Wife

Libnao / Cumay
Bukas / Langgumay
Baybay / Gaen
Laoek / Delsi
Silvestre / Talape
Bibanio Bigornia / Paula

Farmers planting rice in Kiwas

List of Tenientes (Barrio Officials)

Baybay 1907 – 1912
Agapito Medrano 1912 – 1915
Domingo Talape   1915 – 1918
Nemesio Balucas 1918 – 1920
Herman Balucas   1920 – 1924
Francisco Talape  1924 – 1927
Victorino Valasquez 1927 – 1929
Mariano Lumdang 1929 – 1931
Victorio Talor  1931 – 1933
Franciso Bernal 1933 – 1935
Julian Bucayag 1935 – 1938
Saturnino Bersamira 1938 – 1942
Pio Medrano 1942 – 1946
Benito Escalante 1946 – 1948
Placido Domingo 1948 – 1953

Street of Kiwas
A jeepney and a motorbike on the road to Kiwas

Present Day Kioas

Today, the barrio of Kioas, now spelled as Kiwas, is a Sitio in Brgy. Pulot. It has a primary school and a catholic chapel.

Kiwas Primary School

This series ( The History of Abra Barrios ) is adapted from a compilation study made about the Municipalities, Barrios and Sitios of Abra in 1953.

The information is the product of community surveys and interviews made by competent resource persons and research jointly undertaken by teachers, principals, supervising principals, and division supervisors, municipal and provincial officials, and prominent citizens who had the intimate knowledge and understanding of the local materials and resources.

The original notes can be found on the NLP website ( https://nlpdl.nlp.gov.ph/HD01/home.htm ) and are in the Public Domain.

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