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Bordered by the mountain ranges of the Ilocos on the west and the Cordillera in the east,  Abra is bounded on the north by Ilocos Norte and by Ilocos Sur and Mountain Province on the south. Towards its east is Kalinga and the Province of Apayao on the west. Straddling the Ilocandia and the Cordillera, this landlocked province is a fusion of the lowland people of dominant Spanish ancestry and the unique ethnicity of the upland Itneg tribe.

Enveloped by mountains, Abra has kept its natural surroundings raw, and life goes on at a relaxed pace. Abra is the largest province in the Cordillera in terms of land area. It has the largest number of municipalities (27) and barangays (303) among the six provinces of the region. Each municipality teems with impressive natural and cultural resources.

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Are you one of the thousands who wish to have a glimpse of the raw and rugged beauty of the Province of Abra? Or just wanting to cross off another province on your #project81 list? 

Whatever your reasons may be, planning your trip ahead will help greatly in the success of your trip to this Abramazing province.

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The Rolling Hills of Apao

Gabriela Cariño-Silang Gallery of Fine Arts

Galangogong Rock Formation

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Top ABRAmazing Sites to Watch Out for in 2020

1. Ar-arbis Falls and River Tubing, Baybayatin, Lagayan, Abra

The scenic Palsuguan River offers a thrilling experience. Hike up to Ar-arbis falls, Abra’s curtain falls and tube down the river on your way back.

2. Apao Rolling Hills, Brgy Apao, Tineg, Abra

A scenic view that never gets old. A little trek through these hills will give you many viewpoints which are perfect for your photography session.

3. Mt. Pugao, Collago, Lagayan, Abra

At 1359 masl, Mt.Pugao will give the adventure seekers enough challenge and an Abramazing view at the top. 

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