Overlooking the Rice Fields of Bangilo District, Malibcong, Abra

Five Charming Villages in the Province of Abra You (Probably) may Never have Heard of

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Abra may still be considered to be “at the end of the road.” Although getting here takes time and getting around may have its challenges, all of these will be rewarded with amazing sceneries and a meaningful cultural encounter.

While we press pause on our travel plans, we thought of showing you some of the many charming villages in Abra. These Itneg settlements are enveloped by mountains, where rivers run through and are therefore models of a post-covid world.

Let’s find out where they are.

Kili, Tubo

Situated along the Utip river, among the rice terraces of Brgy. Kili in the municipality of Tubo is a waterfall and a hotspring. What a perfect combination don’t you think?

Kili, Tubo, Abra

Lablabinag, Lacub

Imagine a village of eleven wooden houses on the side of Binongan River and just a fifteen-minute hike to a waterfall. Sounds like paradise does it?

Binongan River, Lablabinag, Lacub

Gacab, Malibcong

How about a self-sufficient village with their well-maintained hydro facility for electric supply? Not to mention how neat and orderly the surroundings are. They have a composting area in few places around the village as well.

Gacab, Malibcong

Ableg, Daguioman

Walk around the village of Ableg and watch how the day starts for both men and women, either on a bright sunny morning, or a homey rainy day. Enjoy the astounding scenery when you trek to Basakal falls which is only an hour away from the village.

Learn more about Daguioman here.

Ableg, Daguioman, Abra

Agsimao, Tineg

Getting to this village may not be easy. The dirt road is only passable during summer but anyone would surely grow some fondness to this village once you get to know it; waterfalls abound nearby, rivers and creeks are crystal clear, and their Salagpat rice terraces are irrigated by a channel cut through a hill by their ancestors’ hands!

Salagpat Rice Terraces, Agsimao, Tineg
Have you been to any of these villages?
There are still many charming villages in Abra. One day we’ll show you more!

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Five Charming Villages in the Province of Abra You (Probably) may Never have Heard of

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five charming villages in Abra

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