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What is a Bespoke Tour?

Bespoke Tour is a private, guided tour, tailor-made for individuals and small groups to meet your needs and preferences.

With our extensive knowledge of Abra and personal experiences in the Province, we help you to design your travel itinerary, so that:

  • You will have the best experience from your trip
  • You can customise the itinerary based on your time, preferences and interests
  • You get to discover the amazing beauty and culture of the Province of Abra

There are some specific reasons why we are seeing a growth of private vacations, especially in adventure travel around the Province. And here are a few:

  • Time constraints: the freedom to pick one’s own dates is very important.
  • Experiential travel: travelers look for experiences in a vacation; those are hard to package into a standard package for the masses. We can even arrange for a photographer to accompany you to capture your behind the scenes moments, and group photos.
  • Quality time: spending time with the people you love and appreciate;
  • Personal attention: the whole process cannot even start if the travel company is not on the listening side since the beginning.
  • Personalisation: custom tours are a way to match an itinerary to one’s passion and interests;
  • Local operators: the industry is shifting towards experienced local tour operators whose insights are in high demand.

Not sure which private tour is right for you?

At Abramazing Tours we craft active vacations for private groups in Abra, Philippines. We tailor our tours to meet your needs.

We specialise in active travel in Abra and offer itineraries that fall into two categories:- custom tours and ready-to-book.

Custom tours:

As long as it’s in Abra and you can dream it, we can design it. As long as it’s in Abra and it’s about active travel, Abramazing Tours provides the best service and tour planning in the Province.

How it works:

Imagine the possibilities…with some help

You are assigned a tour designer from the beginning and together you play with ideas and scenarios. We gather details about your group (that can be you and all your friends, or just you and your family) and exchange ideas.

Best season for each destination

With your tour designer, decide the best dates for the destinations you are considering. Some parts of Abra are inaccessible or too rainy during certain months and just perfect in others. We know where and when to go…and when not to go.  We can inform you of must-see festivals and events and steer you clear of dates to avoid.  

 Your Itinerary sent by email.

After we work out the details you will receive a tour itinerary with a quote by email for approval.

Designing it was fun but…

It’s even more fun to make travel arrangements and pack! Enjoy some quality time with your friends and family while we take care of the rest. 

Bespoke tours for your group (even just two people) around your dates:

Choose from our Packages

Ready-to-book tours are like restaurant menus with regional dishes prepared by great chefs with the finest local ingredients. Choose the one that suits you or get inspired to twist it the way you like.

When to travel

Decide on your preferred departure date(s). We will get back to you within 24 hrs and the appointed tour designer, will start working out the details. 

Details: This is where we excel

Tell us a few details about your group and their interests. We’ll fine tune the tour program to make it just right for your group’s needs and wishes.

Ready, go!

Dates are confirmed and a tour itinerary is sent to the group organiser with a quote. It’s time to spread the news and gather your friends!

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Anything is possible with Abramazing. Philippines

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