Multiday Tour Packages

Abramazing Tours can also arrange Multiday Tours for you. The tours are listed below. 

Please contact us for further details.

Hiking – 3D 2N – Binongan River Valley

Hike from Vira in Tineg to Lan-ag and then follow the trail along the Binongan River to Lacub.
Day 1 – Bangued to Vira. Hike Vira to Lablabinag.
Day 2 – Explore Lablabinag waterfalls and the River
Day 3 – Hike from Lablabinag to Lacub and return to Bangued

Mountain Climbing – from 2D 1N /3D 2N

Mt. Bullagao – Malapaao, Langiden – 2D 1N
Mt. Pisusok – Apao, Tineg – 2D 1N
Mt. Manmanok – Mataragan, Malibcong – 3D 2N
Mt. Tekma, Gacab, Malibcong – 3D 2N
Mt. Pugao – Lukgay, Lagayan – 3D 2N
Mt. Balintawak, Taripan, Malibcong – 3D 2N

Upper Tineg – 4D 3N or 5D 4N

Day 1 – Travel from Bangued to Agsimao. Apao Blower, Binongan River Viewpoint, Mt. Pugao Viewpoint, Wander Agsimao Village, Hanging Bridge, River Crossing by Bamboo Raft.
Day 2 – Manambor Falls, Guitup Falls (plus Hotspring if time allows).
Day 3 – Anito Falls, Girub Falls, Rice Terraces, Irrigation Canal.
Day 4 – Return trip to Bangued.

Tubo Waterfalls – 3D 2N

Choice of Tapew Falls, or Maeng Falls


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